Lost Their Damn Minds(.com)

Earlier in the year (about June), I promised I would start trying to do some website reviews here on the blogs in my quest to create content.

Some months later I’m in the mood to try get back to doing some blogging / content creation type stuff again, so here is the attempt at the first website review.

It probably won’t be as fiery as I originally had in mind, as many weeks have passed since they p*ssed me off, but lets try anyway.

I originally heard about the site on the recommendation of the “Computing Forever” guy off YouTube & Bitchute (Irish bloke named Dave).

It is an alternative social media website called Minds, for people frustrated with some of the more popular social media websites having developed a bit of an itchy trigger finger on the ban button in recent years on people wishing to exercise free speech on even the most mundane topics.

It apparently rewards you with Crytocurrency for posting.

I decided to have a go with it, and signed up in March 2018 a couple of days after my birthday (according to the confirmation e-mail).

My posting was a bit infrequent, but otherwise still the usual tame stuff I do on my other social media presences across the web in a personal + website brand capacity of posting articles of interest picked out from popular mainstream media news websites.

On 28th June 2020 I received an e-mail saying my account there was banned (with no reason given), saying I could appeal by logging into my account, which it wouldn’t let me.

On 4th November 2020 I received an e-mail from the Minds morons saying my account there was now monetized, even though it no longer f***ing works or let me log-into the bloody thing.

Not even Twitter is that bad!

If you’re thinking of using an alternative to the mainstream social media websites, I suggest you try Parler or Gab instead, and screw minds.com

You could perhaps even try the messageboard forums here on Alltheinterweb, which are also better run than that dumb minds.com website, which is among one of the worst websites I’ve come across in the 21 years I’ve explored the interweb.

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