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AlltheInterweb is an amateur stab at creating a Google / Yahoo type website on a shoestring budget using all sorts of free (and reasonably priced) CGI / PHP scripts, which I started in 2010 when I found the domain name was available and I was searching for new ideas in my ever on-going quest to succeed at making money online.

It included a search engine powered by a script called FDSE, which is now rendered practically useless by the increase in websites using https instead of plain http in their url. The stuff I got indexed is still up for now.

The site also included it’s own web directory powered by a script called YALD, which is no longer supported by it’s creator, and now no longer works due to changes in PHP that means it no longer works at all, so I’ve had to start again from scratch with a wordpress plugin.

AlltheInterweb also had a web games area posted under a sub-domain website, which didn’t go as well as I’d hoped after a change in web design software, and now canned completely after support for Flash was dropped.

Another part of the website now canned was a dabble with the concept of Pixel Advertising, which didn’t take off as well as I’d hoped, and has been discontinued because changes in PHP means that script no longer works either.

I created this wordpress blog with the original intention of creating something similar to what Medium became, but had no takers apart from bell-end spammers. I’ve since decided to try make it more like online publications such as Forbes, The Spectator, Popular Mechanics, Spiked, The Motley Fool, The Oldie + Business Insider.

For a number of years I tried running a Q&A website similar to Yahoo Answers or Quora as part of AlltheInterweb, called AlltheInterweb Answers which used a script called Question2Answer. That became too much of a pain in the butt to update and moderate, so I’ve since integrated that idea into the forums here on the wordpress blog.

I set up other sub-domain websites to try expand on what AlltheInterweb does, similar to the concept used by About.com with a mixture of new ideas + attempts to integrate other special interest websites I tried to get off the ground, and includes: AlltheInterweb Food | Astronomy ChitChat | AlltheInterweb Motors | AlltheInterweb Politics | Football Chit Chat | Web Design Chit Chat | British Angling | USA Fishing

Briefly I tried getting a Classifieds Advertising service going as part of AlltheInterweb using the OpenClassifieds script, but uptake on that was slow, and when there was activity it was mostly a swarm of Indian and Pakistani spammers.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating an AlltheInterweb Dating website, but can’t find a suitable script that I can afford until the advertising revenue picks up (that really fell off the edge of a cliff the last few years after the switch to using Mobirise to enable Responsive Web Design, which limited the banner type and placement options compared to plain old html using Netobjects Fusion + WordPress).

I’m hoping things start going the right way again after all this restructuring.

AlltheInterweb also had a mildly broken wiki, aka AlltheInterweb Encyclopedia as an attempt at an alternative to Wikipedia due to frustrations caused by that and other user edited online encyclopedia websites. Recently retired for now after it was having issues caused by PHP versions changing since it was first installed, it wasn’t upgrading easily + MediaWiki isn’t straightforward to edit unless you’re a coding geek.

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