Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries Quit UK Parliament

Friday saw 2 Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party quit with immediate effect.

There was a resignation from Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister and former Mayor of London, who quit after being hounded out of the PM job and his MP job for eating cake.

This was followed by the resignation of Nadine Dorries, a former cabinet member and former nurse. She was planning to resign at the next election, but Boris Johnson quitting seems to have expedited things.

Rumours were swirling that there may be others about to quit in order to give coup PM Sunak the finger. Continue reading “Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries Quit UK Parliament”

Mark Levin Gives Opinion on Trump Indictment

On Thursday former President Donald Trump was indicted, and Mark Levin gave his opinion on the issue on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News the same night.

Mark Levin is known as “The Great One”, and regarded as one of the top experts on legal matters and particularly the United States Constitution. He previously served as chief of staff to a former Attorney General during the Reagan administration.

Suffice to say he was NOT impressed at the actions of the current DOJ. Check Out this Must Watch Video below to see just how furious he was. Continue reading “Mark Levin Gives Opinion on Trump Indictment”

New Study Confirms That Radical Leftists Are Messed-up in the Head

A new study from researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland has confirmed that people who follow Radical Leftist politics are messed-up in the head.

The study found that radical leftism is linked to both psychopathic tendencies and narcissism.

Past attempts to investigate left-wing authoritarianism have been downplayed or met with skepticism in the leftist-dominated academy. Continue reading “New Study Confirms That Radical Leftists Are Messed-up in the Head”

California Creeps Out Schoolgirls

A couple of days ago The Daily Caller reported an issue being caused in California schools due to woke laws introduced to the state under Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (aka “Gruesome Newsom”).

Because of these laws, a group of California High School students have walked out in protest (more than once) due to the fact people born with a penis have been taking advantage of these laws to sit in the female bathrooms and changing rooms to watch them in a state of undress. Continue reading “California Creeps Out Schoolgirls”

Poll Shows Massachusetts Senator Warren on Course to Lose Re-Election to US Senate

Earlier I saw that Breitbart News was reporting a “shock poll” showing that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was on course to lose her bid for re-election to the United States Senate.

The Democrat Party Senator for Massachusetts known also by the nicknames of “Pocahontas” and “Fauxcahontas” is apparently lagging well behind in the polls to former GOP Governor Charlie Baker.

Continue reading “Poll Shows Massachusetts Senator Warren on Course to Lose Re-Election to US Senate”

How to deal with school bullies

This has been going on since…. probably since schools were first invented.

The recommended method if you’re being targetted  generally goes along the lines of: 
1) Tell a parent or teacher in good detail what’s been happening (this is the modern day recommended method by 1960’s/1970’s hippies who grew-up and got jobs as teachers…. it doesn’t usually work, but at least covers your ass if you have to resort to stage3). 

2) If parent or teacher actually does something about it, bullies tend to keep a low profile for a few weeks before kicking off again because you told on them, in which case resort to….. 

3) Beat the crap out of the bully, or find a few bigger kids to do the honours, then they usually finally start getting the message it isn’t a good idea to screw with you, and leave you alone. (this is the time honoured method recommended by the poor long suffering parents of the 1960’s/1970’s hippies, and actually works)