Top Gun: Maverick – Movie Review

In January 2-years ago I came up with the idea of adding movie reviews to the blog, and in March 2-years ago I wrote a movie review. Having since created a dedicated user account for movie reviews some time later, I figured it was about time in March 2023 to start trying to write a few more reviews to pop on the blog.

After many years of anticipation, in May 2022 the “Top Gun 2” movie, better known as “Top Gun: Maverick” was finally launched, and smashed it out of the ballpark.

Not long after it was released to digital download, and later to DVD/Blu-Ray, and I got hold of a copy for £13.99 from iTunes UK at the end of September 2022, and finally found time on 6th October to watch the whole 2hrs 11minutes of it.

The movie starts much like the first Top Gun movie, with shots of aircraft taking off and landing on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier. Naturally updated to include the F-18 Hornet and F-35 Lighting II. Continue reading “Top Gun: Maverick – Movie Review”

Horse Bets for 27th March 2023

Here is a run through for UK Horse Bets for Monday 27th March 2023

Wincanton (1:30pm)
Looks pretty clear cut, with “Brentford Hope” on 3/10 at Ladbrokes with 14 tips on it vs 1-tip for Ventara on 17/2. The odds of 3/10 gives it a 76.9% probability rating vs 10.5% probability for the next favourite. The predictor tool on Racing Post also shows “Brentford Hope” finishing well clear of “New Beginnings” on 10/1 odds. Continue reading “Horse Bets for 27th March 2023”