Data Recovery

For all the wonders that modern technology provides, sooner or later many people may need to consider looking into data recovery services to get them out of trouble caused by a data disaster.

These can be caused by either a technical failure of a storage device, or a brain fart resulting in the user clicking something that on reflection they probably should not have.

In the case of technical failures, there are guides on how to risk doing it yourself if you can not afford the large fee charged by a professional data recovery company. But this can be like performing brain surgery.

User screw-ups that resulted in deleting a file by mistake can often be recovered with data recovery software like the ones listed below:

Data can also be recovered from a failed smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android device, but they look to be an even more complex job than doing it on the mechanical hard drive in your PC.

There are a number of companies providing these data recovery services, here are some of them:

You may also want to check the website of the manufacturer of your hard drive, and see if you can still make a warranty claim on it. You will need the serial number from the sticker on top of the drive.

Seagate Recovery WD Recovery Toshiba Recovery Samsung Recovery

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