Mac Geekery

This section of the website is here so that AlltheInterweb can potentially indulge in some mac geekery with Apple computers.

My experience with them has been quite limited to date, largely due to a limited budget.

I recall tinkering with a Macintosh SE / Mac Classic II type thing on a few brief occasions at school as a change from the more dominant BBC Micro and Acorn A3000 things in use there at the time.

I kind of like the idea of the old iMac G3 things in either Graphite or Blueberry as a sort of novelty companion to my first couple of Windows computers.

The period from 2008 to 2012 saw me take a rather dimmer view of owning a Mac after a random google search to see how my personal website from 2007 was doing in the search results saw the discovery of a troll moron on a leading Mac forum slagging it off.

Sometime around 2012 – 2014 I saw the i7 version of the Mac Mini, and started showing some interest in it, but then Apple scrapped that one in favour of less powerful Dual Core only things.

In 2015 I spent some time doing some forced voluntary work at a local museum, and got the opportunity to finally tinker with a fairly modern iMac, and gained interest of having one as a 2nd computer to keep an eye on my messages while gaming.

In 2022 after my main Windows PC I’d had since 2017 exploded it’s power supply I started upping my plans to try get hold of a modern Mac as a main “daily driver” computer since Windows10 had been driving me insane for years, and my back-up laptops were rather inadequate while I waited to fix the desktop.

I eventually took the plunge with a used Late-2014 Mac Mini in November 2022 when i had some funds, and had some brief opportunities to use it. Holding off using it more at the moment as it seems to suck-up a lot of bandwidth and knocks out the streaming video content on the AppleTV.

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