British Angling

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This was a special interest website I tried for a number of years to get off the ground, catering to people with an interest in fishing in the United Kingdom, hence the name British Angling.

The main focus was on trying to create a messageboard community for Anglers to compete with other popular fishing websites in the UK, and alongside it offer a fishing themed web directory, and also a blog with articles written by myself (with the hope of also gaining a number of contributors to turn it into an online magazine).

The forums have been temporarily moved into the one on AlltheInterweb’s wordpress blog until I can knock together an improved AlltheInterweb Forum with better forum software than the wordpress plugin currently used.

The blog has been retired, but copied over to wordpress, blogspot and the internet archive for posterity. I only really got one article published on it, with a bunch of others drafted for publishing later, which I never got round to finishing due to the disruptions caused since my Dad had a mild stroke.

I’m thinking of having another go, but with it as a section of AlltheInterweb.