UK Life

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Many years ago, in the early days of this AlltheInterweb website, I created a section under a subdomain called UK Life.

The intention of this website was to provide information to people from outside Britain curious about the lifestyle and culture of the United Kingdom. Things like this are often asked on well known popular Q&A websites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora.

I structured the website the best way I could so that translation tools from the likes of Google and Bing could cope with it. A feature much needed for a website aimed at people who most likely have English as a second language.

Progress on that website fizzled out so long ago I can not remember when I last did anything with it.

The main causes of these problems that stopped the website included:

  • A failed Seagate secondary hard drive in 2015
  • Changes in software I use to build my websites, from Netobjects Fusion to the Responsive Web Design enabled Mobirise.

As of 18th October 2019, I have decided to have another go at creating such a website by integrating it here into the blog of AlltheInterweb (All The Interweb).UK Life