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AlltheInterweb Motors - Messageboard for Car EnthusiastsAlltheInterweb Motors was started as a sub-domain website of AlltheInterweb to try create some car enthusiast related content, with it’s own seperate messageboard to help bring in-house a handful of old Yahoo Groups.

As with my other attempts at creating special interest internet forums, it has gradually been merged into the main blog due to changes to CGI/Perl + PHP that mean’t the original forum software quit working.

  • Whether you drive an old MG Midget, or the latest Subaru BRZ, perhaps even a BMW M135i or a Ford Focus ST, this website should cover you.
  • You probably won’t like this website quite as much if you were stupid enough to be duped into buying a silly electric “car”.
  • You will like this website even less if you ruined a classic car by converting it into a washing machine on wheels.

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