Rough Status of British Car Brands

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Most of them are now Chinese or German

Aston Martin = at least trades on the London Stock Exchange

Bentley = owned by Volkswagen Group AG after splitting off from Rolls Royce after brief ownership by British Aerospace

Rolls Royce = now owned by BMW

Land Rover + Jaguar = now owned by the Indians after Ford off-loaded them

Lotus = GM sold them to the Malaysian company that made Proton, who recently sold them to the Chinese company that now owns Volvo

Lagonda = part of Aston Martin since before Ford briefly owned the company

TVR = revived several times (see recent Jay Leno video with one), before it got bought by a Russian kid who crashed the company

McLaren = founded by an Aussie in the UK… now mostly owned by the Saudi’s last time I looked up the details

Ultima = kit car company, used as test rig for developing the McLaren F1

Caterham = made Lotus 7 replicas for many years from a garage attached to Caterham Station to the south of London (now a Waitrose store)

Vauxhall = part of GM since 1923, operated alongside Opel…. got flogged off to the French company that owned Peugeot and Citroen (leaving GM not really represented in Europe any more), who then merged with Fiat and Chrysler to form Stellantis

MG = was part of British Leyland, then part of the Rover group that tag teamed with Honda, then BMW before eventually going bankrupt and being bought up by the Chinese, so now they’re back as only garbage electric cars

Mini = spun off from the classic Austin Rover Mini as one of the few remaining bits of Rover that BMW wanted to keep hold of

LEVC = the result of the company that used to make London Taxi’s being bought by the Chinese after it got in a financial pickle, and flipped to make useless electric versions of London cabs.

Grinnal = best known for the Scorpion 3-wheeler since around 1993 when I first remembered seeing them start popping up in car magazines, barely changed much since. Last look at the website suggested they most now largely focus on coverting motorbikes into Harley TriGlida style 3-wheeled motorbikes.

Prodrive = Racing team best known for converting the Subaru Legacy + Subaru Impreza in the WRC during the 1990’s with Colin McRae

Bowler = make the Wildcat thing I mentioned in the comments of the off-road race video the other day (if youtube didn’t delete that one)

Originally posted as a comment on YouTube responding to the above video about British Car Brands.

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