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Welcome to AlltheInterweb’s new web directory. The original was created back in 2010, and the script it was started on doesn’t like PHP 7, so as of 5th April 2019 I’m starting with this fresh one and re-building from scratch unfortunately.

Some of the old site has been backed-up via HTML, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE while I try to fix the code in the original site to work with the database again via MySQLi or PDO instead of plain old MySQL that doesn’t work with PHP 7, apparently.

If you are looking for the Web Directory listing of other Web Directory websites that were originally on this page, Click Here to find them on their own page where I’ve moved them away from this landing page for AlltheInterweb Directory.

If you are looking for the listing of Interweb Search Engines that were originally on this page, they have also been moved to their own Search Engine page.

AlltheInterweb Directory: UK Job Listing Websites

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