Horse Bets for 27th March 2023

Here is a run through for UK Horse Bets for Monday 27th March 2023

Wincanton (1:30pm)
Looks pretty clear cut, with “Brentford Hope” on 3/10 at Ladbrokes with 14 tips on it vs 1-tip for Ventara on 17/2. The odds of 3/10 gives it a 76.9% probability rating vs 10.5% probability for the next favourite. The predictor tool on Racing Post also shows “Brentford Hope” finishing well clear of “New Beginnings” on 10/1 odds.

Lingfield (1:45pm)
This looks somewhat tighter, with “Hul Ah Bah Loo” currently top on 3/1 (25%) on 4 tips vs “Mabre” in 3rd on the list on 4/1 (20%) chance on 3 tips. Sandwiched between them also on 4/1 is “Hiromichi” also on 4/1 odds. The horse 4th on the list is “Fat Gladiator” on 11/2 (15.4%) with 2 tips going for it.
The Racing Post Predictor shows “Mabre” coming top ahead of “River Wharfe” on 14/1 (6.7% probability).

Wincanton (2pm)
Another tight call, with 5-star rated “Hititi” currently favourite on 15/8 (34.8%) with 7 tips, against next favorite “Forever William” 4-star rated on 5/2 (28.6%) with 6 tips.
The Racing Post Predictor tool shows “Hititi” coming top, with “Forever William” coming a tight 2nd ahead of “Thirtyfourstitches” on 17/2 (10.5%).

Lingfield (2:15pm)
Another chin stroker to call, with “Non Mollare” currently favourite on 5/2 (28.6%) with 5 tips and a 4-star rating, ahead of 5-star rated “Catch my Breath” on 7/2 (22.2%) with 4 tips.
Racing Post predictor tool shows “No Diggity” on 8/1 (11.1%) coming top ahead of “Non Mollare” edging “Catch My Breath”.

Wincanton (2:30pm)
This one seems a bit more clear cut, with “Calgary Tiger” showing favourite on 7/4 (36.4%) on 7 tips and a 5-star ranking. Next 2 options are “TheLastHighKing” on 4/1 (20%) and “Galop de Chasse” on 11/2 (15.4%) both with 2 tips each.
The racing post prediction tool shows “Galop de Chasse” coming top against “Rose Sea Has” on 13/2 (13.3%) edging 2nd ahead of “Calgary Tiger”.

Lingfield (2:45pm)
Another seemingly clear cut choice, with “Eight Mile” favourite on 2/1 (33.3%) on 7 tips and a 5 star rating. Only other horse still running with tips to go with it is 6th placed “David’s Gift” on 10/1 (9.1%), and 1-tip “Empire of the Sun” showing as a non-runner.
Second and Third current favourites are “Harry the Haggler” on 5/1 (16.7%) and “Regal Glory” on 11/2 (15.4%).
The prediction tool on Racing Post shows “She’s a Mirage” on 12/1 (7.7%) coming top ahead of “Regal Glory” + “Eight Mile”.
I’m thinking each way bet on “Regal Glory” for this one, since Ladbrokes paying out for top-4 finishers on this one.

Wincanton (3:00pm)
This one appears to be a big nightmare to figure out, with the top-3 favourite horses all showing as each having 4-tips in favour of them.
Top favourite “Flying Verse” on 11/4 (26.7%) carries a 4-star rating with Racing post, while 2nd favourite horse “The Kings Writ” on 10/3 (23.1%) has a 5-star rating, and 3rd favourite “Duc de Beauchene” on 7/2 (22.2%) also tightly in with a shot.
The predictor tool on racing post shows “Flying Verse” coming top ahead of “The Kings Writ”.

Lingfield (3:15pm)
Back to another that appears simple to figure out who to back, with “Ermesinde” on 5/4 (44.4%) clear of everyone else with 8 tips backing it. Second favourite “Flash Bardot” on 3/1 (25% probability) only has 2 tips.
The racing post predictor shows “Ms Greer” coming top at 22/1 odds (4.3%) ahead of “D Day Arvalenreeva” on 12/1 (7.7%) edging the favourite.

Wincanton (3:30pm)
Pays out for the top 2 in an each way bet, and tricky to call with 3rd favourite “Police Academy” on 7/2 (22.2%) carry 5 tips, then second favourite “Auditoria” on 5/2 (28.6%) getting 4 tips, and favourite “Legendary Rhythm” on 2/1 (33.3%) with 3 tips.
The Racing Post prediction tool shows “Auditoria” coming top ahead of “Legendary Rhythm”, but I might go for “Police Academy” for this one.

Lingfield (3:45pm)
Seems pretty straightforward, with “Mr Rumbalicious” on 11/10 (47.6%) getting 7-tips in favour of it while 2nd place “Smart Boyo” on 9/4 (30.8%) and 3rd place “All About Alice” on 10/3 (23.1%) both getting 3-tips.
The racing post predictor shows “All About Alice” edging it in a tight finish ahead of “Mr Rumbalicious” and “Smart Boyo” (about a nose in it).

Wincanton (4:00pm)
Another one paying out for the top-2, and a bit of a tangle to figure out who to back.
The current favourite is showing as “Western General” with 7/4 odds (36.4%), complete with 6 tips in favour of it, and a 5-star rating from racing post.
Third favourite “Rewired” on 3/1 (25%) has the next most tips with 5, then 4th favourite “John Betjeman” on 4/1 (20%) has 3-tips. Second favourite is “Sambezi” on 11/4 (26.7%), and ridden by Gavin Sheehan.
The Racing Post prediction tool shows “John Betjeman” coming top ahead of “Rewired” then “Western General” beaten into 3rd place.

Lingfield (4:15pm)
This one pays out for the top-3 in an each way bet, and currently has “Savoy Brown” as a promising looking favourite on 11/10 (47.6%) with 6x tips and a 5-star rating. Third favourite “Afternoon Tea” on 6/1 (14.3%) and 4th favourite “Ummsuquaim” on 17/2 (10.5%) both get 3 tips.
The racing post prediction tool also lands in favour of “Savoy Brown“, then a tight finish between “Persian Wolf” on 3/1 (25%) + “Afternoon Tea”.

Wincanton (4:30pm)
A tangle that seems to edge in favour of favourite “The Bold Thady” on 3/1 with 5 tips, and a 5-star rating.
The Racing Post prediction tool shows 2nd favourite “Just Go For It” on 7/2 coming top, with the backing of 3x tipsters, ahead of “The Bold Thady”.

Lingfield (4:45pm)
Last race of the day at this venue, with the top-3 favourites being in the reverse order of which horse has the most tips.
Top favourite on 2-tips is “Come to Pass” on 7/2, while 2nd favourite on the list is “Caracristi” on 4/1 with 4x tips. In 3rd place with the most tips (5) is “Dashing to You” on 9/2 (18.2%).
The Racing tool prediction thing puts “Come to Pass” top.

Wincanton (5:00pm)
The final race of the day here has the top-2 favourites both having quite a few tips behind them, with “Mount South” top with 8-tips on odds of 2/1 against 2nd favourite “Noble Savage” on 7/2 (22.2%) getting 5 tips.
The racing post prediction tool shows “Noble Savage” coming first ahead of “West Orchard” on 13/2 edging “Mount South”.

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4 thoughts on “Horse Bets for 27th March 2023”

  1. Results for Lingfield……… (via BBC Sport)
    1:45pm = Hiromichi, Hul Ah Bah Loo, Mabre
    2:15pm = Waleyfa, Royal Debut, No Diggity
    2:45pm = Wildfell, Harry the Haggler, Star of Cotai
    3:15pm = Flash Bardot, Ermesinde, Rechercher
    3:45pm = Mr Rumbalicious, All About Alice, Pledge of Peace
    4:15pm = Savoy Brown, Persian Wolf, Ummsuquaim
    4:45pm = Recuerdame, Seattle King, Come to Pass

  2. Results for Wincanton (via BBC Sport)

    1:30pm = Brentford Hope, King of the Lake, New Beginnings

    2:00pm = Hititi, Thirtyfourstitches, Silent Revolution
    Pulled Up (PU) = Forever William

    2:30pm = Thelasthighking, Galop De Chasse, Calgary Tiger

    3:00pm = Hotel Du Nord, Ballinslea Bridge, Duc De Beauchene

    3:30pm = Legendary Rhythm, Police Academy, Auditoria

    4:00pm = Universal Secret, John Betjeman, Sambezi
    Non Runner (NR) = Western General

    4:30pm = Just Go For It, Watchoutitscookie, Whenitrainsitpours, The Bold Thady

    5:00pm = Ithaka, Robber’s Bridge, Start Point
    Pulled Up (PU) = “Ballymilan” + “Mount South”

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