Food in the UK

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Often derided by arrogant ex. French President’s and other world leaders, Food & Drink from the UK is actually seriously good stuff.

There’s a HUGE variety of it to choose from, one of my recipe books I’ve bought on the subject is nearly 2-inch thick and just over 500 pages long.
This section of UK Life on AlltheInterweb is here to show as much of it as I can, and attempt to do some explaining.

Bacon in the UK Fish and Chips Spotted Dick Apple Pies
Custard Haggis Black Pudding Crisps and Corn Snacks
British Chocolate British Tea British Coffee British Beer
British Cider English Mustard Jam and Marmalade Curry in the UK
Yorkshire Pudding Pancakes Meat Pies Flapjacks
Ribena Vimto Lucozade Squash and Cordial
Shandy Dandelion and Burdock Lemonade Limeade
Orangeade Cherryade Tizer Other Fruit Pies
Pork Pie Sausage Rolls Cornish Pasty Bread Pudding
Egg Custard Tart Yorkshire Curd Tart Cherry Bakewell Trifle
Sunday Roast Christmas Dinner