Fake News

This page is intended to include a web directory listing for news outlets considered by many to be “fake news”, or what could also be better termed as “biased news” or “news sources that have room for improvement”.

They may have ended up in this news category for reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Bias against a person or organisation due to difference in political belief
  • Being too quick out of the starting blocks to crap all over a person or organisation while trying to be first, without properly verifying sources
  • Regular use of commentators and/or “experts” who aren’t as clued up as they’d like you to think
  • Have a nasty habit of sneering at things ordinary folks like
  • Lack of research (a lot of outlets apparently do this now to try save a few pennies)
  • Are regularly dismissive of reports in upstart news outlets, then 6-18months later latching on to it after it becomes too obvious to ignore and acting like they’re the first to spot it.
  • Fail to include essential details in order to push a narrative



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