AlltheInterweb Politics Revamped

Lastnight I uploaded a fresh website for the AlltheInterweb Politics section, using Responsive web design so it looks better than the original.

There’s still a bit more fine tuning to do, but otherwise it’s ready for use.

[thumb link=”true” size=”lg”][/thumb]

Subtle Tweaks Made to AlltheInterweb’s front end

With advertising revenue having dropped from about the equivalent of a bottle of decent beer per month to being so low I’d be lucky to afford to buy a Penny Chew sweet with it, the other day I decided to try some subtle tweaks to the front end of the site.

Last year I decided to experiment with giving people the opportunity to buy advertising on the front page via DigitalPoint. Having gotten no bites, I’ve reverted back to a conventional Google AdSense banner.

I also tweaked the background colour of the mobirise blocks for the share buttons and stuff.