What Does Really Screwed the Pooch Mean?

You may have heard this turn of phrase being used on social media when a person or organisation has screwed-up, but what does the term “Really Screwed the Pooch” actually mean? Does anyone even care?

In a quest to find something to blog about, I decided to try having a go at finding out, but then I got bored and left this as an unsaved draft from 9th November 2020 to 9th March 2024.

Thanks to advances in modern technology I’ve decided to let Bing have a crack at it…….. Continue reading “What Does Really Screwed the Pooch Mean?”

Funny Cat Videos on the Interweb

Recently the owner of AlltheInterweb purchased the funnycatvideos.co.uk domain name to see if it will help nail search engine rankings for the popular keyword “Funny Cat Videos“, and also to create a social media presence for sharing funny cat videos.

The first draft of the website for funny cat videos has just gone live on our webspace, and it’s still so new I’ve yet to add it to Google + Bing webmaster tools for getting it listed in the well known popular search engines. Continue reading “Funny Cat Videos on the Interweb”

AlltheInterweb Updates: Messageboard Forums

After an extended delay due to technical reasons and other events, work finally got underway the other day to create a new version of AlltheInterweb Forums / AlltheInterweb Answers.

This will see the current forums built using the Asgaros forum plugin for wordpress that’s built into the blog get replaced with a phpBB based thing linked to the forums with a “bridge” plugin to connect the two.

The improvements should see improved functionality with spam controls that actually work, and a return of my old tactic of using the naughty words filter as an additional tool to keep forum spam under control.

I am also hoping the forum upgrade will result in a better layout for the assorted topic sections.

AlltheInterweb Messageboard Forums Ask Questions, Get Answers, Join Free - AlltheInterweb Forums

Rumble’s New Online Advertising Platform Gets First Publisher

BonginoReport has posted on Truth Social an article from TPostMillennial that Truth Social has become the first Publisher to use the new advertising platform offered by growing video sharing website Rumble.

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) announced in a press release on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with video-sharing platform Rumble. Truth Social, TMTG’s social media platform, describes itself as a “Big Tech alternative that seeks to create a free-speech haven without viewpoint discrimination or oppressive censorship.”

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Google to Scrap Search Results for Silly Search Terms

About 11 days ago some news stories were floating around that Google was scrapping it’s search engine results for some of the more stupid questions that people search for.

Google is to stop giving quick answers to silly questions as it seeks to improve its ‘featured snippets’ tool.

The service – which sometimes shows up as a response to direct questions asked of the search engine – has previously fallen foul of spreading false information.

These search terms include:

  • When did Snoopy assassinate Abraham Lincoln?
  • How to get in touch with the Illuminati
  • Can I remove a tick with my teeth?
  • Who is King of the United States?
  • Is Obama planning a coup?
  • Why are Firetrucks Red?
  • Presidents in the Klan
  • How to get a date
  • Are women evil?
  • What happened to the Dinosaurs?

The results given in the snippets tool were BS, hence the action taken by Google.

Click Here to try out some search ideas to try on Google that are more sensible, or maybe Click Here to find used Domain Names for your website projects

Salvation Army Backtracks After Destroying It’s Own Reputation

Earlier this month the Salvation Army became the latest in a long line of organisations started with the best of intentions to take a wrong turn and get in the bad books of long time supporters by deciding they needed to be insulted and patronised. Continue reading “Salvation Army Backtracks After Destroying It’s Own Reputation”

The Maxwell Trial Starts This Week

In case you had not heard, after many months of people questioning if she’d actually live long enough to make it this far, the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell for her links to Jeffrey Epstein’s sketchy activities begins this week in an American courtroom.

As it is a federal trial, it will apparently not be televised., and reporters have apparently been banished from the courtroom.

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Google to Censor Websites That Correct Popular Science Misconceptions

Lastnight while perusing my social media timelines I came across a news story from an online advertising trade publication stating that Google was to ban websites from their Google Ads platform for spreading “misinformation” denying climate change.

By this of course they mean people who correct popular beliefs about climate science after taking a closer look at the data to come to a more realistic conclusion.

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What Is The Interweb?

I have already explained what this AlltheInterweb website is all about on the About AlltheInterweb page, but what exactly is the Interweb?

Well, Interweb is just a slang term for the Internet, described by entries on certain online dictionary and encyclopedia websites currently ranking better than me for the term as an attempt to be comedic and humourous.
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How Long To Boil An Egg?

This is apparently a very popular question searched for on a well known popular search engine on the interweb.

The answer to the question of How long it takes to boil an egg is fairly simple.

For a soft boiled egg, it generally takes about 3 or 4 minutes, not including the time it takes to get the pan of water up to “cooking speed” before you put the egg in it: basically when the water appears to start to bubble is when it is boiling, and suitable for boiling things such as an egg for a set period of time. Continue reading “How Long To Boil An Egg?”