Wristwatch Worn by Tim Allen on Last Man Standing TV Series

Lately I’ve been noticing the wristwatch worn by Tim Allen in the hit TV show “Last Man Standing”, it’s a Stainless Steel thing with a black dial

Recent attempts at research reveal the watch to be a Rolex Submariner, which appear to sell for between £5,000 to £11,000 which is somewhat beyond the reach of most people. This puts it in the same league as an Omega Seamaster or Breitling SuperOcean.
They also appear to be at least twice the price of a Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

I’ve had a go at trying to find some more affordable wristwatch options that look similar, and this is what I’ve come up with…. Continue reading “Wristwatch Worn by Tim Allen on Last Man Standing TV Series”

Seiko Women’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

I figured it was probably time to take a look at available shopping deals again, and a look at some watches for the first time in a while.

On this occasion I thought it would be good to show off this Seiko Stainless Steel Watch for Women, as it looks like and appears to be available at a discount at the moment.

Normally it sells for £199, but at the moment it is show as having 26% knocked off, bringing the price down to a slightly more reasonable £146.91 (but shows in the ad as available for £147.12, which still a pretty good deal for a £199 watch from a top brand) Continue reading “Seiko Women’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Stainless Steel Strap”

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Smartwatch (UK Version)

If you’re looking for a Smartwatch, but you don’t want Apple, then this deal could be for you.

Amazon UK currently has the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 with a 24% discount, so it currently costs £265.39 instead of £349.

The watch is in a 42mm size, and features a rotating bezel, blue tooth and other common smartwatch features such as fitness tracker and health monitoring. It has a black strap and case.

It also includes a digital compass, and comes with a 361mAh battery.

Click the links in this post to find out more.

Casio Vintage Watch

If you’re looking for a cheap, basic digital watch to slap on your wrist, you probably can’t go too far wrong with this classic item from Casio.

Normally priced at £17, I’ve just spotted it discounted on Amazon for a mere £8.20 (for how long I don’t know).

As well as telling the time, it also as a built in stopwatch + a light, as well as a daily alarm function + a degree of water resistance.

What more could you want?