Wristwatch Worn by Tim Allen on Last Man Standing TV Series

Lately I’ve been noticing the wristwatch worn by Tim Allen in the hit TV show “Last Man Standing”, it’s a Stainless Steel thing with a black dial

Recent attempts at research reveal the watch to be a Rolex Submariner, which appear to sell for between £5,000 to £11,000 which is somewhat beyond the reach of most people. This puts it in the same league as an Omega Seamaster or Breitling SuperOcean.
They also appear to be at least twice the price of a Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

I’ve had a go at trying to find some more affordable wristwatch options that look similar, and this is what I’ve come up with…. Continue reading “Wristwatch Worn by Tim Allen on Last Man Standing TV Series”

Best TV Package Options in the UK for 2019

Wondering what is the best tv package options in the United Kingdom? Here’s what is currently worth a look.

Sky & Virgin = essentially paying thick end of £45 per month (£540 a year) for a basic package, and before you’ve added anything extra like sports / movie packages… to watch basically the same shows repeated over & over again.

Sky has been known to quit working when it’s pissing down, especially if the LNB on the dish is getting old: Had our first one installed around 1999/2000 with the original “Sky Digital”, had to replace it about 4yrs ago.
You can access it online via “Sky Go” with a subscription, but that doesn’t have the full compliment of channels due to legal crap with the contracts Sky has with the other TV companies that run on their platform…. and “Sky Go” now only really works if you view it on a Tablet / TV Box / Games console because the PC Browser version can only be view in Internet Explorer now that Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox no longer support the “Microsoft Silverlight” plugin needed to run it.

You can get a “FreeSat for Sky” package for a £25 fee every 5-10yrs to get access to the subscription free channels on a Sky box.

Virgin…. from what I’ve heard are not highly regarded for their customer service.

Netflix….. not everyone’s a fan of it now since it was revealed close ties to members of the Obama admin (including putting the Susan Rice woman who covered up the Benghazi attack with lies about placing the blame on a YouTube video that had f-all to do with it being put on the Netflix board of Directors).

Amazon Prime Video….. good value for money, especially if you mostly just watch movie channels… get a basic “video only” subscription for £5.99 a month (£71.88 a year), or a “full prime” monthly subscription for £7.99 a month (£95.88 a year) that also gives you free Amazon delivery, access to Amazon Music + free downloads from the Kindle E-Books store…. or you can just pay them a £79 annual fee for full prime and be done with it until next year (equivalent to paying £6.58 a month).

Just like YouTube HD content it works well enough as long as you have Broadband that comfortably runs above 4500kbps, worked quite well via the app on my XBOX 360 last time I tried it, and also works alright on my PC but has funny glitches occasionally similar to an old fashioned TV aerial (have to fix it by turning monitor off and on again)…. otherwise it works well with shows like exclusive “The Grand Tour” shot in 4k HDR. If the internet bandwidth drops to inadequate quality it drops the video resolution accordingly and looks crap until you stop the video, refresh, and resume where you left off.

Apple iTunes…. got the option to purchase and download what you want, or purchase then stream it from the iCloud to a PC or an Apple TV box, from the Apple TV box you can also download apps to watch content from YouTube + Amazon Prime + BBC iPlayer (and the equivalents from ITV + Channel4).

If you stream it from iCloud (including with previews) it has the same glitch with quality as I’ve had with Amazon Prime… if you download the content and stream it to the TV from a PC/Mac to an Apple TV it play back in best quality you can get short of running it off a DVD/Blu-Ray.

Once you’ve started building up a collection from the iTunes store it starts to work out cheaper than Sky (only have to pay for it once to watch the same thing over & over again): most Standard definition episodes are £1.89 each (some as low as 99p for SD episodes of Portillo’s Railway journeys series), £2.49 for HD episodes. Full series range in price generally from £3.99 through to about £25 (price drops accordingly if you buy one episode from the series, then decide to buy the rest at a later date)….. with full box sets costing around £30 to £50 generally (e.g. full series of “Seinfeld” costs £30 for the lot instead £100+ being charged for the DVD box set last time I dared look for it on Amazon, but free to watch on Prime).

Last Man Standing Stands Again

A while back the show was ditch amid much furore. Now it’s been announced that’s it’s coming back to screens.

The show has been around since 2011/2012, with all seasons currently available for purchase in the UK iTunes store (which I’m hoping to acquire as soon as my cash situtation improves to end my bad luck streak catching it).

Don’t miss it if you prefer watching TV shows made for people with a brain.

The return of Roseanne

You’ve probably already seen it in the media, but the show recently returned to our screens.

I used to watch it when I was younger, and now it’s back after an almost 21-year break (last episode apparently aired in May 1997).

I’m just hoping that the new episodes + the back catalog of old series makes it onto the UK iTunes store so I actually get to watch more than just the preview clips I’ve had to make do with so far: With what’s listed in Amazon’s DVD section it’s hard to tell what’s Region2 and what’s a Region1 import, and putting them on iTunes alongside “Home Improvement”, “Seinfeld”, “Friends” + “Last Man Standing” would make it easier to watch.

But what I have seen does look kind of promising compared to what’s been on our screens since it was last on the air all those years ago.

Best American TV Shows Ever

Previously I did a list of the Best British TV Shows, so how about now for a list of shows from the USA that are “must watch before you die”?

1) Home Improvement – The hit 1990’s American Sitcom starring Tim Allen as the accident-prone Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.

2) Seinfeld – The hit 1990’s American sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld.

3) Frasier – The hit 1990’s American Sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer as Dr Frasier Crane, relocated to Seattle after a divorce, and of course a spin-off from the sitcom Cheers.

4) South Park – The infamous animated cartoon series set in a fictional Colorado mountain town, following the adventures of a group of kids named Stan, Eric, Kenny & Kyle and a host of other regular characters such as Mr Garrison (their teacher), Chef, Mr Mackey (the school council) + many others.

5) The Simpsons – The legendary cartoon series starring Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa & Maggie Simpson along with Grandpa Abe Simpson, Mr Burns, and many others.

6) Family Guy – A cartoon series following the family of a fat bloke named Peter Griffin.

7) Futurama – A cartoon series set in the future, made by the creator of The Simpsons. In a theme similar to Buck Rogers, it stars a pizza delivery guy named Fry who had a slight accident where he fell into a machine that froze him for 1,000 years. Once woken up he ends up working for a courier delivery firm owned by an elderly mad Professor who also happens to be a decendent of his, and becomes friends with a messed-up robot named Bender.

8) King of the Hill – Animated Cartoon series set in Texas, following the family of propane salesman Hank Hill + his friends and neighbours Dale, Bill & Boomhauer.

9) Star Trek: Voyager – A spin off from one of the greatest SciFi franchises of all time, set on a Federation Starship named “Voyager” which gets dragged to the far side of the galaxy trying to find a missing undercover operative, then has to try to make it’s way back to the Alpha Quadrant. Includes many excellent episodes encountering The Borg, and of course “7 of 9”.

10) The X-Files – The legendary SciFi series starring FBI Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully investigating weird happenings & government conspiracies.

11) Star Trek: Enterprise – a Prequel series of the Star Trek franchise, set before the days of Captain Kirk & Spock, and the last Star Trek TV series made to date. It follows the adventures of the first USS Enterprise, making it’s first voyage.

12) American Dad – An animated series from the people behind Family Guy, following the family of a CIA agent named Stan Smith. It’s good to watch, but doesn’t really take off until around Series1, Episode 5.

13) Rugrats – The animated cartoon series from Nickeloden, following the adventures of a baby named Tommy Pickles and his friends Chuckie and the twins from next door named Phil & Lil, along with his cousin Angelica and the rest of their families, and their dog Spike.

14) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – another spin off TV series in the Star Trek franchise, set on a Space Station and overseeing a planet recently released back to self-rule after being taken over by the Cardassians.

15) Star Trek: The Next Generation – the first spin off from the original series of Star Trek, set about 70yrs on from the original series following the adventures of the Enterprise-D with Captain Jean-Luc Picard in charge.

16) The Dukes of Hazzard – described by TV critics as a load of crap, but well loved by TV viewers anyway (mostly for Daisy Duke), and famous for the car too.

17) Police Squad: In Color – A cult classic comedy cop show starring Leslie Neilsen as clumsy Detective Frank Drebin.

18) The A-Team – A cult classic action adventure from the 1980’s starring a group of on the run Army commando’s who got made scapegoats for something they didn’t do, and while on the run help people out who are having trouble with bad guys.

19) Knightrider – Cult classic action adventure from the 1980’s starring a talking heavily computerised car named KITT, and it’s driver played by David Hasselhoff.

20) Airwolf – cult classic adventure series from the 1980’s featuring an extremely advanced Helicopter.

21) Streethawk – a shortlived (13 episode) action adventure series featuring a highly advanced motorbike.

22) Battlestar Galactica – the cult classic original 1970’s version of the SciFi franchise.

23) Friends – the cult classic 1990’s Sitcom set in New York.

24) Columbo – the cult classic detective series.

25) 3rd Rock from the Sun – the 1990’s Sitcom about a group of Aliens living undercover in Ohio to learn more about our Planet’s culture.

26) Mork & Mindy – The sitcom featuring the late Robin Williams as an alien sent to learn more about Earth.

27) Extreme Trains – a documentary series about locomotives, riding along a number of important Freight & Passenger routes across America, with additional segments showing the maitenance side of things.

28) Grace Under Fire – a 1990’s Sitcom featuring a tall blonde single mother.

29) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – SciFi adventures of an Astronaut who wakes up in the future after a slight mishap.

30) Animaniacs – cartoon series created by Steven Spielberg.

Best British TV Shows that aren’t Top Gear, Dr Who, Sherlock or Downton Abbey

Well I’m a big fan of Top Gear…. not that bothered about Downton Abbey, or Dr Who or Sherlock (but one of the ex. online g/f’s is nuts about them)…. here are more British TV series which are even better if those had given you a taste for British shows……..

1) All Creatures Great & Small – A BBC Drama series based on the James Herriot books about a vet working in a Yorkshire country practice.

2) Poirot – Detective Drama series from ITV, based on the Agatha Christie novels.

3) Bergerac – Detective Drama series from the BBC, made in the 1980’s and set on the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

4) Dad’s Army – Cult classic BBC Sitcom, set in World War 2.

5) Jeeves & Wooster – ITV drama series set in the 1930’s, based on the books by P.G. Wodehouse. Main two stars are Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie.

6) Blackadder – A Cult Classic BBC Sitcom set in 4 different time periods.

7) Red Dwarf – Cult classic SciFi Comedy from the BBC.

8) One Foot in the Grave – The BBC’s best Sitcom from the 1990’s.

9) Victorian Kitchen Garden / Victorian Flower Garden / Victorian Kitchen – 3 series from the BBC recreating Gardening & Kitchen skills developped in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.

10) Two Fat Ladies – One of the best food shows ever created for Television. Almost banned from American television. The recipes usually drive the Diet Scolds nuts.

11) A Passion for Angling – Documentary about fishing created for the BBC and first broadcast around 1993/94.

12) Rab C. Nesbitt – Originally started life as a comedy sketch on the series “Naked Video”, but then the character from the sketch got his own series in 1989 and went on to create 10 series so far.