This “Instagram” app is starting to annoy me…

The way the Instagram app is now is kind of annoying me. When I first put it on my newer phone (Nokia Windows 8.1 thingy), the stuff people I followed posted popped up on the front page as they posted it.
Now they seem to have changed it to show hi-lighted stuff that’s like “1 day ago” “1 Week ago”, “4 days ago”, etc….. it’d be faster to keep up with what they’re doing if they took a polaroid instant print and sent it to me via carrier pigeon.

Too much of a pain in the butt to go to individual profiles to keep up (Especially if like me you follow 85 profiles) + the linky thing on the profiles in the WindowsPhone version of the app is very small text placed very close to the “edit app” button, so is pretty hard to tap on accurately unless you’ve got fingers like Edward Scissorhands…….

Nokia Lumia 530 – Quick review

I bought one of these things last year, as my old iPhone 3GS had run into a few technical gremlins that were starting to piss me off. For starters the sound had quit working when it rang + the power button had fallen off. Also I couldn’t use the latest Apps on it ‘cos of the age of the OS on it.

When I bought it, the Nokia Lumia 530 was still selling for around £69, but could be picked up for around £40 if you weren’t too fussy about the case colour. I largely bought it ‘cos of the price + I thought the Windows interface looked craploads better than the newer iOS interface. I ended up with a lurid green cased one.

The smooth rounding of the case makes this phone a rather slippery sucker, and all too easy to drop / accidently smash yourself in the face with it while tinkering with it in bed.

It uses a Nano-SIM, which means I couldn’t transfer my number over to it, and being on Vodafone Pay-as-you-Go making it more seriously awks still.

But at least unlike an iPhone, it has a slot inside the case for a Micro-SD card. The 64GB Micro-SD card I bought for it wouldn’t work, so I’ve started using that in my SatNav instead, and I’ve started using a 32GB Kingston Micro-SD card instead which works fine. Removing the case to insert that + the SIM card is a fairly simple job of holding the top corner of the screen while pushing against the camera lens.

The phone didn’t come with a USB to synch music or charge it, but came with a funny looking mains charger with a collapsible earth pin.

Windowsphones generally get slagged off for not having as great a number of apps for them as iOS or Android devices, but you’ll find apps for the things the cool kids hang out on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine (shit), Tinder, Amazon Kindle, Candy Crush, Blackberry Messenger, Skype, etc.

Battery life, generally needs charging every 24-48hrs.

Worth getting if you need a cheap smartphone to take places you’d rather not take your expensive one, or want a smartphone but don’t want to auction off a kidney in order to be able to afford one.