This “Instagram” app is starting to annoy me…

The way the Instagram app is now is kind of annoying me. When I first put it on my newer phone (Nokia Windows 8.1 thingy), the stuff people I followed posted popped up on the front page as they posted it.
Now they seem to have changed it to show hi-lighted stuff that’s like “1 day ago” “1 Week ago”, “4 days ago”, etc….. it’d be faster to keep up with what they’re doing if they took a polaroid instant print and sent it to me via carrier pigeon.

Too much of a pain in the butt to go to individual profiles to keep up (Especially if like me you follow 85 profiles) + the linky thing on the profiles in the WindowsPhone version of the app is very small text placed very close to the “edit app” button, so is pretty hard to tap on accurately unless you’ve got fingers like Edward Scissorhands…….

Vine sucks

Vine is a social media site for posting short vids from your mobile devices.

I’ve decided I absolutely hate it with a passion you cannot imagine based purely on the fact the videos immediately AutoPlay, complete with sound, which is “seriously awks” when randomly looking through it via your WindowsPhone from bed, forgetting where the volume is set to: Resulting in a mini heart attack as you’re subjected to a loud burst of shit music you cant get out of your fucking head (followed by a pissy mood because this happened.

Seriously, if you want to post vids online, stick to Youtube.

Best free software to keep your computer going

I did a “best free software” thing like that over at the now half-dead AlltheSocialnet social networking site I had a crack at running, so thought to kick off AlltheInterweb’s new blog I’d do a series of similiar articles.

1) AVIRA Free Anti-Virus (Click Here)
Regarded as the best free Anti-virus software for your Windows based PC, and I’ve only just recently switched back to it after a year or two of using ZoneAlarm Free Anti-Virus & Firewall.

2) Comodo Free Firewall (Click Here)
According to other sources this is the strongest free firewall you can get, I’d used it in the past, and have just switched back to using it again after my long time favourite ZoneAlarm Free Firewall had gotten too annoying in it’s most recent versions.

3) Spybot: Search & Destroy (Click Here)
Protects your PC from spyware & browser hijackers, etc + has other tools built into it too.

4) Ashampoo WinOptimizer (Click Here)
Has a number of tools for maintaining your PC, and keeping it running quick.

5) DeFraggler (Click Here)
Defragmenting tool from the creators of CCLEANER

6) Recuva (Click Here)
Tool for recovering accidently deleted files, from the creators of CCLEANER + DeFraggler.

7) Malwarebytes (Click Here)
Another free software to remove nasties from your PC

8) HitMan Pro (Click Here)
Another brilliant piece of software to scan your PC for crap that shouldn’t be on it.