Trying to bring back AlltheInterweb Answers

Some years ago I created a Q&A website called “AlltheInterweb Answers” after getting pissed-off by the Yahoo Answers website.

Having moved it to a different server for hosting after the original one was starting to piss me off, and lost the original domain and just integrated the site into the main AlltheInterweb one.

I’ve left it pretty much untouched for months (or maybe even years), so I’ve started having a poke around trying to revive it. The site pretty much still works, but online video from YouTube no longer seems to automatically embed for some reason.

So back in March I had a poke around with it to make it usable again…..

AlltheInterweb – Updates for March to May 2018

I’ve been kind of busy making tweaks to the site over this period of time, mostly trying to make long awaited additions & changes to the web directory that I’d been putting off for too long.

I’ve retired some categories, added some new ones in their place (and some just new), and added a shedload of new links to the directory.

Some of the new additions include:

I’ve also repaired & updated the UK Politics + US Politics sections of the web directory as well as made additions to the News + UK Jobs sections of the directory.

I’ve tweaked the blog to enable donations via either Paypal or Cryptocurrency if you want to give a token thanks if you find anything of use to you on the AlltheInterweb site.

I’ve also been tinkering with the look of these blogs, and tinkering with assorted new WordPress plug-ins.