Trying to bring back AlltheInterweb Answers

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Some years ago I created a Q&A website called “AlltheInterweb Answers” after getting pissed-off by the Yahoo Answers website.

Having moved it to a different server for hosting after the original one was starting to piss me off, and lost the original domain and just integrated the site into the main AlltheInterweb one.

I’ve left it pretty much untouched for months (or maybe even years), so I’ve started having a poke around trying to revive it. The site pretty much still works, but online video from YouTube no longer seems to automatically embed for some reason.

So back in March I had a poke around with it to make it usable again…..

One thought on “Trying to bring back AlltheInterweb Answers”

  1. I’ve decided to permanently can “AlltheInterweb Answers” due to changes to PHP, lack of time to update/moderate it + the fact it had started to get taken over by spamming morons.

    All social media provision on AlltheInterweb in future will be handled through this wordpress blog, which has much better anti-spam and other security features.

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