AlltheInterweb Blogs Are Moving

I have started moving the AlltheInterweb Blogs to a different domain, but they aren’t moving very far away.

I decided to start moving the blogs from the .com version of the domain to the version of the domain to save having to buy an extra SSL certificate.

There may be a few minor bugs as  I swap it over, but hopefully nothing major.

AlltheInterweb Encyclopedia Awaiting Repair

Earlier this month I attempted to upgrade the MediaWiki install for AlltheInterweb Encyclopedia from v1.28 to v1.34 as the earlier version didn’t seem to like the upgrade to PHP 7.3

Unfortunately this attempt to upgrade did not go quite to plan, and left this section of the website in a worse state than it was previously.

I’m hoping to attempt a rollback with a backup in the near future.

AlltheInterweb Pixel Ads Discontinues

The section of AlltheInterweb known as AlltheInterweb Pixels has been discontinued, this being an attempt at a Pixel Advertising platform.

It has been put out of use for two reasons:

  1. The script that made it work, called GPix is old and doesn’t appear to work under PHP 7
  2. No f****r was using the damn thing anyway.

Other options for offering direct advertising on AlltheInterweb are under consideration for the future in addition to the use of adverts from Google AdSense and Amazon Associates.

AlltheInterweb Answers is Under Repair

Having being screwed for most of the year due to issues with switching to PHP 7 (like many parts of the stuff on the web hosting I use), since early morning on Monday 14th October 2019 repairs have been underway to once again try get AlltheInterweb Answers functional again.

AlltheInterweb Answers is an effort by this AlltheInterweb website you’re looking at to have a go at creating a Q&A website similar to Yahoo Answers or Quora, using a free to download PHP script and available add-ons.

Repairs include upgrading the script from version 1.7.4 to 1.8.3, which apparently likes newer versions of PHP better than the one that was in use. It appears to have done the trick for the worst of the problems, and I can access the admin bits of the site again.

Continuing repairs are on-going by the removal of a s**t-load of spam posts, mostly from the IP Address ranges:

The site will become active again when I’ve finished tweaking, and making sure everything works.

AlltheInterweb Starts To Advertise Again

After Months of being broke asf, AlltheInterweb has resumed attempting to advertise again (still on a smaller scale than I’d like to be able to, but I guess it’s a start).

I’ve started with a text ad campaign (see images above) to promote the UK Jobs section in the Web Directory.

UK Job Advert Listings
British Job Adverts

While waiting to resume to this stage, I have been intensely studying the tips & tricks to make it work from some of the best minds in the business.

AlltheInterweb Politics Revamped

Lastnight I uploaded a fresh website for the AlltheInterweb Politics section, using Responsive web design so it looks better than the original.

There’s still a bit more fine tuning to do, but otherwise it’s ready for use.

[thumb link=”true” size=”lg”][/thumb]

Subtle Tweaks Made to AlltheInterweb’s front end

With advertising revenue having dropped from about the equivalent of a bottle of decent beer per month to being so low I’d be lucky to afford to buy a Penny Chew sweet with it, the other day I decided to try some subtle tweaks to the front end of the site.

Last year I decided to experiment with giving people the opportunity to buy advertising on the front page via DigitalPoint. Having gotten no bites, I’ve reverted back to a conventional Google AdSense banner.

I also tweaked the background colour of the mobirise blocks for the share buttons and stuff.

Trying to bring back AlltheInterweb Answers

Some years ago I created a Q&A website called “AlltheInterweb Answers” after getting pissed-off by the Yahoo Answers website.

Having moved it to a different server for hosting after the original one was starting to piss me off, and lost the original domain and just integrated the site into the main AlltheInterweb one.

I’ve left it pretty much untouched for months (or maybe even years), so I’ve started having a poke around trying to revive it. The site pretty much still works, but online video from YouTube no longer seems to automatically embed for some reason.

So back in March I had a poke around with it to make it usable again…..

AlltheInterweb – Updates for March to May 2018

I’ve been kind of busy making tweaks to the site over this period of time, mostly trying to make long awaited additions & changes to the web directory that I’d been putting off for too long.

I’ve retired some categories, added some new ones in their place (and some just new), and added a shedload of new links to the directory.

Some of the new additions include:

I’ve also repaired & updated the UK Politics + US Politics sections of the web directory as well as made additions to the News + UK Jobs sections of the directory.

I’ve tweaked the blog to enable donations via either Paypal or Cryptocurrency if you want to give a token thanks if you find anything of use to you on the AlltheInterweb site.

I’ve also been tinkering with the look of these blogs, and tinkering with assorted new WordPress plug-ins.

AlltheInterweb Food is now refreshed

Back in March 2014 I created a Food & Drink messageboard forum section on AlltheInterweb.

Having left it a bit untouched the last couple of years, on Sunday (21st January 2018) I set about re-building it to make it look a bit more appealing than the previous design.

There’s still a bit more to do, but AlltheInterweb Food is hopefully going to start looking and getting better for people looking for or wanting to share their recipes on the forum.

There’s even a new Search Facility on the site.