California Creeps Out Schoolgirls

A couple of days ago The Daily Caller reported an issue being caused in California schools due to woke laws introduced to the state under Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (aka “Gruesome Newsom”).

Because of these laws, a group of California High School students have walked out in protest (more than once) due to the fact people born with a penis have been taking advantage of these laws to sit in the female bathrooms and changing rooms to watch them in a state of undress. Continue reading “California Creeps Out Schoolgirls”

Lady Has Crisis During Music Concert

The Daily Caller reports that a female visitor to a classical music concert in Los Angeles caused a bit of a disruption going cross-eyed.


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The audience at the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s fifth symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall got more than they bargained for Friday when a woman allegedly let out a loud moan, seemingly after having an orgasm, witnesses say.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the orchestra stopped performing after hearing the alleged outburst. Some have said the entire orchestra stopped playing, while others say the musicians continued to play — but most have agreed the sound was unmistakable.

Culver City Council Waste Time on Stupidity

Just saw this in the timeline of one my social media accounts of Culver City Council giving hints that the people in charge of it are not as clever as people would like you to think.

Apparently they wasted over an hour yabbering about how an inanimate bricks-and-mortar store could “traumatise” children, while not appearing to give a flying **** about the antics of some of the more anti-social inhabitants of the local area

AlltheInterweb hopes to start including more news items, including highlighting things that show why California is getting itself into a bit of a mess