Texas Solar Farm Gets Whacked by Hail Storm

Sky News Aussie has a story on their website today about a Texas Solar Farm Getting Whacked by a Hail Storm, showing further flaws in the concept as a reliable form of energy.

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Vegan Junk Diet Influencer Dies of Starvation

Today I saw the latest proof that veganism is extremely bad for the health…….

Student Eats $182k Artwork

The New Zealand Daily Herald has reported that a Korean student has eaten a $182k piece of artwork at a museum in Seoul.

The artwork appears to consist of a banana sticky-taped to a wall.

Budweiser’s Attempts to Go Woke Still Biting Them in the Butt

The past several days you may have noticed that Anheuser-Busch have been experiencing some backlash for teaming up with a fake woman as part of their latest promotional campaign for Bud Light.

The problem for the company seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, having first being ditched by top music stars including Kid Rock & Travis Tritt (among others).

It is now showing signs of spreading to the general population, with distributors now s***ting kittens at the level of annoyance from consumers fed up with companies jumping on the latest “woke” bandwagon. Continue reading “Budweiser’s Attempts to Go Woke Still Biting Them in the Butt”

Georgia Police Deputy Busted in Florida

News has been coming in of a Deputy Police Chief from the state of Georgia (GA) getting busted while on a work related trip to Florida, according to Fox News and the local Fox Affiliate.

He was caught for soliciting prostitution, and made the fatal mistake of doing it in Polk County, home of Florida crime fighting legend Sheriff Grady Judd.

Cartersville Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima was arrested Thursday in Polk County, Florida, for soliciting a prostitute. He was booked into the Polk County Jail but released after paying a $500 bond.

DiPrima was in Orlando attending a polygraph training workshop when he responded to an online escort advertisement. But the advertisement was part of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department’s week-long undercover operation designed to identify people involved in human trafficking and arrest those who procure and engage in prostitution.

Naturally there was one of Sheriff Judd’s famous press conferences addressing the issue, where he questioned if the veteran cop had lost his last 3 brain cells or just had cabbage for brains. Continue reading “Georgia Police Deputy Busted in Florida”

Culver City Council Waste Time on Stupidity

Just saw this in the timeline of one my social media accounts of Culver City Council giving hints that the people in charge of it are not as clever as people would like you to think.

Apparently they wasted over an hour yabbering about how an inanimate bricks-and-mortar store could “traumatise” children, while not appearing to give a flying **** about the antics of some of the more anti-social inhabitants of the local area

AlltheInterweb hopes to start including more news items, including highlighting things that show why California is getting itself into a bit of a mess

The Maxwell Trial Starts This Week

In case you had not heard, after many months of people questioning if she’d actually live long enough to make it this far, the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell for her links to Jeffrey Epstein’s sketchy activities begins this week in an American courtroom.

As it is a federal trial, it will apparently not be televised., and reporters have apparently been banished from the courtroom.

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Mayor of city in Japan offers reason men should to do the grocery shopping instead of women during pandemic

CNN have taken a break from pushing fake news stories about President Trump, and instead found some helpful shopping hints from a City Mayor in Japan…..