Is the Interweb Running out of Jokes?

Is it just me, or are joke websites on the interweb dying out?

When I first arrived on the interweb some 19 summers ago, there were plenty of joke websites around. There was, a simple straight forward quality jokes website, that seems to have long since been taken over and merged into the comedy central website last time I looked. Continue reading “Is the Interweb Running out of Jokes?”

Regional Flavours

It is often said that girl’s thingies might smell of fish & taste of chicken, but what if they were regional flavoured?

If you chowed down on a Geordie Lass, would it taste of Newcastle Brown Ale?

If you chowed down on a girl from Norfolk, would it taste of Colman’s English Mustard?

Or would one from Boston (MA) in the USA taste of Clam Chowder?

Got any ideas for more possible flavours? Stick ’em in the box (the comments box, that is)……….