What Does Really Screwed the Pooch Mean?

You may have heard this turn of phrase being used on social media when a person or organisation has screwed-up, but what does the term “Really Screwed the Pooch” actually mean? Does anyone even care?

In a quest to find something to blog about, I decided to try having a go at finding out, but then I got bored and left this as an unsaved draft from 9th November 2020 to 9th March 2024.

Thanks to advances in modern technology I’ve decided to let Bing have a crack at it…….. Continue reading “What Does Really Screwed the Pooch Mean?”

Random Expensive Things on Amazon UK

Normally the idea behind these AlltheInterweb Shopper blog posts is to find various items that are a reasonable, pocket friendly price and made even more pocket friendly by being shown as having had a discount made available on it.

However for the past several days I have been toying with the idea of doing a blog post like this very one, having a look around Amazon UK to see what are some of the more expensive products available on Amazon. Continue reading “Random Expensive Things on Amazon UK”

Daiwa Match Fishing Polo Shirt

Spotted these on Amazon UK if anyone is interested…..
Daiwa Red And Black Tournament Match Polo, Only £15.58

How To Not Lose Too Much Money on Sports Betting

I like to have a good bet when I can spare the money, I’d probably like it even more if I was earning enough money from these blogs to do it more frequently.

Betting is something you shouldn’t really do if you can’t spare the money, and requires a large degree of self-discipline both not to blow too much money on it on the path to becoming a gambling addict, and also to focus on what is a realistic prospect to stick your money on and not get taken in by something with long odds that only stands a chance of winning if something really weird happens that screws-up the event – like a freak weather event, or someone having an epic fail that takes out a chunk of the most likely winners of an event.

This article is mainly intended to be a rough guide to sports betting noobs looking to stay out of trouble in their early days of having a dabble rather than a serious guide to becoming an expert master at it. Continue reading “How To Not Lose Too Much Money on Sports Betting”

Is the Interweb Running out of Jokes?

Is it just me, or are joke websites on the interweb dying out?

When I first arrived on the interweb some 19 summers ago, there were plenty of joke websites around. There was Jokes.com, a simple straight forward quality jokes website, that seems to have long since been taken over and merged into the comedy central website last time I looked. Continue reading “Is the Interweb Running out of Jokes?”

Thinks No Longer

Some years ago I used to drop by a website with java wordsearch games and things like that, it was called Thinks.com (link from web archive snapshot)

Today I randomly remembered it and decided to drop by to see how it was doing, and it would appear to have been taken over by some sort of German product design company.

This kind of adds to my web gaming woes, as I’ve been having assorted gremlins with other sites (mostly flash based) ever since switching to Windows 10 and the latest versions of Google Chrome last year.

There is a web games section here on AlltheInterweb that I never really got to finish before a hard drive failure curtailed things, and I started a new version of that, but got side-tracked on it because of other projects + because I haven’t got all my web game files to hand any more + I’m doing it in different website design software, which complicates things.

Vine sucks

Vine is a social media site for posting short vids from your mobile devices.

I’ve decided I absolutely hate it with a passion you cannot imagine based purely on the fact the videos immediately AutoPlay, complete with sound, which is “seriously awks” when randomly looking through it via your WindowsPhone from bed, forgetting where the volume is set to: Resulting in a mini heart attack as you’re subjected to a loud burst of shit music you cant get out of your fucking head (followed by a pissy mood because this happened.

Seriously, if you want to post vids online, stick to Youtube.

Regional Flavours

It is often said that girl’s thingies might smell of fish & taste of chicken, but what if they were regional flavoured?

If you chowed down on a Geordie Lass, would it taste of Newcastle Brown Ale?

If you chowed down on a girl from Norfolk, would it taste of Colman’s English Mustard?

Or would one from Boston (MA) in the USA taste of Clam Chowder?

Got any ideas for more possible flavours? Stick ’em in the box (the comments box, that is)……….