Is the Interweb Running out of Jokes?

Is it just me, or are joke websites on the interweb dying out?

When I first arrived on the interweb some 19 summers ago, there were plenty of joke websites around. There was, a simple straight forward quality jokes website, that seems to have long since been taken over and merged into the comedy central website last time I looked.

Around the same time there was a site called “Foggy’s Funnies” which had a variety of content, including some rather adult cartoon drawings such as this old thing I managed to salvage some years ago.

In more recent times, there was Sickipedia, which has also died out, supposedly because of a “technical cock-up”.

There do seem to be some surviving joke websites out there, but nothing I’d describe as being of similar quality or originality in terms of user experience or having good jokes to choose from.

I have pondered creating my own jokes website, but haven’t yet found a suitable script that doesn’t cost money, and beside being broke at the moment I’ve often found web scripts I’ve had to pay for are a bigger pain in the arse to set up and persuade to work properly than ones I’ve found that are free.

In the meantime it looks like we’re stuck with assorted social media memes (if they don’t get banned by the social media giants or by the EU first), like these:

…. and of course prank vids on YouTubes like the selection below in the playlist:

Tell Your Friends.....

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