German Man Rescued from Woods

AP News has reported that a 51-yr old German Man was rescued from woodland after being found by a cyclist and a hunter.

The man had apparently been involved in a bondage session with a woman he met online, who ran off leaving him behind.

Giant Penis Mowed into Grass at Coronation Party Venue

The New York Daily Post is reporting that pranksters in the City of Bath have been busy with a lawnmower, and cut a penis shape in the grass at the famous Royal Crescent.

Additional versions of reporting at Somerset Live, Daily Record & Wales Online. Continue reading “Giant Penis Mowed into Grass at Coronation Party Venue”

Student Eats $182k Artwork

The New Zealand Daily Herald has reported that a Korean student has eaten a $182k piece of artwork at a museum in Seoul.

The artwork appears to consist of a banana sticky-taped to a wall.