The brief what you need to know to learn about British comedy / comedians (part 1)

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Billy Connolly = Stonefish routine + the incontinence pants routine, among others

Roy “Chubby” Brown = comedian from Middlesbrough, proudly boasts of being Britain’s bluest, Keeps retiring then coming back.

Jasper Carrott (Robert Davis) = comedian from Birmingham, best know for “The Mole” story + also the one about the psychopathic family cat. Also co-starred in a 90’s BBC sitcom called “The Detectives” with Robert Powell. He also used to be a folk singer in the 1970’s, and I think was responsible for helping get Billy Connolly known outside Scotland.

The 2 Ronnies = Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, with sketches including “Four Candles / Fork Handles”, “The Phantom Raspberry Blower” + “When the Worm Turned”. Ronnie Barker was also responsible for a bunch of popular Sitcoms, including “Porridge”, which was set inside a prison.
Then after that Ronnie Barker also did one called “Open All Hours” set in a corner shop in Doncaster, Co-Starring a young actor named David Jason who later went on star in “Only Fools and Horses”, and also did voice acting work on the “Count Duckula” cartoons – and now also stars in a modern continuation called “Still Open All Hours”.

Tommy Cooper = one of the all time greats, best known for wearing a red hat called a “fez” and doing magic tricks that went wrong. Died of a heart attack performing on stage.

Spike Milligan = Irish comedian part of a comedy troop called “The Goon Show” (sort of like a British version of The 3 Stooges), and also later did he his own run sketch shows. Only sketch I currently remember of top of my head is the “Pakistani Dalek” one.
He also did a character considered somewhat controversial in these politically correct times: “Kevin O’Leary, Irish-Pakistan”.

Frankie Howerd = camp (as in queer) comedian popular in the 1970’s, also appeared in a couple of the “Carry on” franchise of movies and also did a popular sitcom called “Up Pompeii”, set in the ancient roman city before the mishap with the volcano.

Harry Enfield = best known for 2x popular sketch shows “Harry Enfield’s Television Programme” and “Harry Enfield & Chums”

Paul Whitehouse = first rose to fame co-starring alongside Harry Enfield before going on to do his own sketch series “The Fast Show”.

Paul Merton = surreal comedian who rose to fame on satirical news panel quiz show “Have I got News for You”, but also did 2 series of his own show on channel 4, simply called “Paul Merton: The Series”.

Jack Dee = also did his own series on Channel 4 called “The Jack Dee Show”, having previously worked as a chef, had chronic depression, had a go at a comedy club once, and went upwards from there.

Alas Smith & Jones = cult classic sketch show starring Mel Smith and Griff Rhys-Jones.
You might recognise Mel Smith from his appearance as the London hotel guy in “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”.

Naked Video = brief comedy sketch show from BBC Scotland in the 1980’s that spawned the character “Rab C Nesbitt”, the title character of a cult-classic Sitcom set in Glasgow that lasted for 10 seasons.

This is a test post copied from a comment posted below an “Americans Reacting to British Things” video on YouTube, wanting to know what other British comedians there are apart from Dave Allen.

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