Christmas Day Movie Quiz

Merry Christmas…… here’s a short Christmas movie quiz to keep you entertained for a couple of minutes
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A Second Fiendish General Knowledge Quiz

Following on from the first attempt, here’s a 2nd go at creating an online general knowledge trivia quiz for the blog. Continue reading “A Second Fiendish General Knowledge Quiz”

Lose Weight: 3 Books to Help You Get Fitter, Healthier and Lose Weight in 2019

The time is fast approaching when it’s the time of year for people to make New Year’s resolutions they probably won’t keep anyway, such as trying to lose weight.

Trying to get fitter and healthier is apparently quite a popular one, but not everyone knows the right way to go about it, and end up struggling to lose weight.

There are many things people think are healthy that aren’t really, and equally a number of things that people think are bad for you that are actually quite good for you as long as you don’t go too nuts with the quantities consumed, or you don’t have allergies to them.

There are many online guru type people completely full of s**t promoting things that are “healthy” which are actually dangerous to the point of being lethal if you try use them to lose weight.

To cut through the bs, I’ve come across 3 books to lose weight that make quite interesting reading, and will set you on a genuine path to a lifestyle that will get you actually fit & healthy, and hopefully lose weight Continue reading “Lose Weight: 3 Books to Help You Get Fitter, Healthier and Lose Weight in 2019”

General Knowledge Quiz Mk1

Having installed a new plugin on the blog for creating quizzes and surveys and things, I thought it a good idea to try cobble together some sort of quiz to try it out.

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How To Not Lose Too Much Money on Sports Betting

I like to have a good bet when I can spare the money, I’d probably like it even more if I was earning enough money from these blogs to do it more frequently.

Betting is something you shouldn’t really do if you can’t spare the money, and requires a large degree of self-discipline both not to blow too much money on it on the path to becoming a gambling addict, and also to focus on what is a realistic prospect to stick your money on and not get taken in by something with long odds that only stands a chance of winning if something really weird happens that screws-up the event – like a freak weather event, or someone having an epic fail that takes out a chunk of the most likely winners of an event.

This article is mainly intended to be a rough guide to sports betting noobs looking to stay out of trouble in their early days of having a dabble rather than a serious guide to becoming an expert master at it. Continue reading “How To Not Lose Too Much Money on Sports Betting”

Windows 10 Desktop Icons Grey X glitch

Short of ideas of what to write about next, my PC has seemingly decided to help out by creating a weird glitch to try figure out how to fix a few moments ago.

Reaching to double-click the Desktop icon to open Second Life, I noticed upon minimising my web browser to shift it out the way that a number of desktop icons had developed a large grey X next to the vast majority of them.

A search to figure out the solution suggests I ain’t the only person to have experienced this gremlin with Windows10 over the past couple of years.

I figured it out myself eventually. Just Right-Click on any part of the desktop where there isn’t an icon to bring up the menu, and click “refresh”. Job done, desktop icons back to normal.

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