Lose Weight: 3 Books to Help You Get Fitter, Healthier and Lose Weight in 2019

lose weight
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The time is fast approaching when it’s the time of year for people to make New Year’s resolutions they probably won’t keep anyway, such as trying to lose weight.

Trying to get fitter and healthier is apparently quite a popular one, but not everyone knows the right way to go about it, and end up struggling to lose weight.

There are many things people think are healthy that aren’t really, and equally a number of things that people think are bad for you that are actually quite good for you as long as you don’t go too nuts with the quantities consumed, or you don’t have allergies to them.

There are many online guru type people completely full of s**t promoting things that are “healthy” which are actually dangerous to the point of being lethal if you try use them to lose weight.

To cut through the bs, I’ve come across 3 books to lose weight that make quite interesting reading, and will set you on a genuine path to a lifestyle that will get you actually fit & healthy, and hopefully lose weight

1) The Meat Fix: How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me! [Kindle, Hardcopy]
by John Nicholson – is the author’s account of how decades of so called healthy eating made him ill, and how he turned it around.

2) Trick & Treat: how ‘healthy eating’ is making us ill [Kindle, Hardcopy] by Barry Groves – another book about how so called healthy eating can be really bad for you, and how to properly eat healthily and lose weight.

3) Eat Meat and Stop Jogging: ‘Common’ Advice On How To Get Fit Is Keeping You Fat And Making You Sick [Kindle, Hardcopy] by Mike Sheridan – Personal trainer gives advice on the proper way to eat healthily, and how exercise isn’t as good for you as you think if you pick the wrong ones for your needs.

All these books are well written and researched, and the contents will surprise you as well as entertain you as you try to lose weight.

If these books don’t get you into shape, nothing will.

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