What Is The Interweb?

I have already explained what this AlltheInterweb website is all about on the About AlltheInterweb page, but what exactly is the Interweb?

Well, Interweb is just a slang term for the Internet, described by entries on certain online dictionary and encyclopedia websites currently ranking better than me for the term as an attempt to be comedic and humourous.
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How Long To Boil An Egg?

This is apparently a very popular question searched for on a well known popular search engine on the interweb.

The answer to the question of How long it takes to boil an egg is fairly simple.

For a soft boiled egg, it generally takes about 3 or 4 minutes, not including the time it takes to get the pan of water up to “cooking speed” before you put the egg in it: basically when the water appears to start to bubble is when it is boiling, and suitable for boiling things such as an egg for a set period of time. Continue reading “How Long To Boil An Egg?”