What Is The Interweb?

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I have already explained what this AlltheInterweb website is all about on the About AlltheInterweb page, but what exactly is the Interweb?

Well, Interweb is just a slang term for the Internet, described by entries on certain online dictionary and encyclopedia websites currently ranking better than me for the term as an attempt to be comedic and humourous.

There are many companies offering Interweb Services, such as Internet Service Providers, Web Design, Interweb Hosting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Advertising Management, Social Media Management, and a various assortment of Webmaster Tools, etc.

There are many useful Interweb Sites on the Internet, many of which are listed in our Web Directory of Interweb Sites.

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You can also of course use the interweb to read the news and find a job.

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