How to Cook Rice

Stuff Needed:

  • Long Grain Rice (about half a cup per person is usually enough)
  • Medium / large-ish saucepan
  • Water
  • Salt

tip: I prefer to use “Tilda Easy cook long grain rice” when doing rice, as it doesn’t go too sticky / PVA glue-like if you accidently leave it cooking too long (unlike some of the cheaper supermarket own-label packets of long grain rice). Uncle Ben’s was good too (until it’s woke name change). Continue reading “How to Cook Rice”

Astronomers Discover Earth Sized Exoplanet With Life Potential

Today the Washington Examiner newspaper has an astronomy story about an exoplanet discovered in the Southern Hemisphere Constellation of Crater.

Located about 90 light years from Earth, the user friendly named “LP 791-18d” is slightly larger than Earth, tidally locked to it’s star, but has a large amount of Volcanic activity that could sustain an atmosphere.

Continue reading “Astronomers Discover Earth Sized Exoplanet With Life Potential”