The return of Roseanne

Tell Your Friends.....

You’ve probably already seen it in the media, but the show recently returned to our screens.

I used to watch it when I was younger, and now it’s back after an almost 21-year break (last episode apparently aired in May 1997).

I’m just hoping that the new episodes + the back catalog of old series makes it onto the UK iTunes store so I actually get to watch more than just the preview clips I’ve had to make do with so far: With what’s listed in Amazon’s DVD section it’s hard to tell what’s Region2 and what’s a Region1 import, and putting them on iTunes alongside “Home Improvement”, “Seinfeld”, “Friends” + “Last Man Standing” would make it easier to watch.

But what I have seen does look kind of promising compared to what’s been on our screens since it was last on the air all those years ago.

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