Le Mans ’66 (2019) Review

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The movie “Le Mans ’66” or “Ford vs Ferrari” (depending on which market it’s being sold in) is the story about how the Ford GT-40 became a thing.

It’s not often fairly recent movies catch my attention, but this one somehow did through a combination of preview clips on YouTube and trailers on both Amazon Prime and iTunes.

I was originally hoping to catch it on Amazon Prime, but I didn’t get chance to preview it on there because it left Prime before I got chance to watch it.

This mean’t it ended up on my iTunes wishlist for several months until such time they’d knocked a few quid off the normal price, and I was able to take the plunge.

I wasn’t too disappointed when I finally did.

As the title implies it follows the story of how the Ford Motor Company created the GT-40 as a race car to give the finger to Enzo Ferrari after they got stiffed on a merger, complete with some rather colourful insults when their deal was rejected.

It stars Matt Damon as the legendary car tuner Carroll Shelby, who was also known for his hand in creation of the AC Cobra sportscar and the Shelby Mustang.

Alongside him is Christian Bale as a British racing driver called Ken Miles, working as a car mechanic in 1960’s USA (possibly California as far as I could make out).

Also in more minor parts you may miss if you blink you may notice the presence of Ben Collins (aka “sacked Stig”) from Top Gear, and Tanner Foust from the US version of Top Gear.

Without providing too many spoilers, it’s a great movie, particularly for people like me who like old cars and also like old school life in the USA.

Definately worth at least an 8.5 rating, IMDb currently has Le Mans ’66 / Ford vs Ferrari on an 8.1 rating at time of drafting this thing.

It is certainly worthy of buying for keeps on DVD, Blu-ray or Digital Download.

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