Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries Quit UK Parliament

Friday saw 2 Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party quit with immediate effect.

There was a resignation from Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister and former Mayor of London, who quit after being hounded out of the PM job and his MP job for eating cake.

This was followed by the resignation of Nadine Dorries, a former cabinet member and former nurse. She was planning to resign at the next election, but Boris Johnson quitting seems to have expedited things.

Rumours were swirling that there may be others about to quit in order to give coup PM Sunak the finger. Continue reading “Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries Quit UK Parliament”

Oldham Council Destroy Old Church

Just before I went to bed early this morning, I saw this ridiculous story about Oldham Council have destroyed a 175 year old church in their town “because they were worried about it attracting vandalism”.

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Increase of Older Cars on UK Roads

The Daily Telegraph is reporting an increasing number of older cars in use on UK roads (don’t blame them, there’s hardly any new cars around I’d spend actual money on if I had the money).

About 5.3 million cars are 15 years old or older, according to figures from car marketplace Auto Trader, up from just 1.7m in 2001. The number is on track to rise to 9.3m by 2032.

Giant Penis Mowed into Grass at Coronation Party Venue

The New York Daily Post is reporting that pranksters in the City of Bath have been busy with a lawnmower, and cut a penis shape in the grass at the famous Royal Crescent.

Additional versions of reporting at Somerset Live, Daily Record & Wales Online. Continue reading “Giant Penis Mowed into Grass at Coronation Party Venue”

Queen Elizabeth II Dies

It was announced today that Queen Elizabeth II died today at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland.

The news spread quickly around the world, with world leaders and ordinary people fast to express their sympathy and praise. Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth II Dies”