Gang of Leftist Idiots Trash Oregon Coffee Shop

There is a report today on Fox News about a coffee shop in Portland (Oregon) getting trashed by what appears to be a group of leftist Democrat supporting Domestic Terrorist Hooligans.

This is despite the coffee shop being a minority-owned business, so the sort of thing woke leftist morons bend over backwards to cream themselves over to prove their equity supporting credentials.

They apparently did it because the business held an event to support cops.

Two Important Tweets for UK Small Businesses (27th April 2020)

Yesterday I spotted a couple of tweets that UK based small business people may want to have a look at if they didn’t see it at the time……..

The webmaster of AlltheInterweb likes small business, grew up above one, likes trying to create new ones that I hope will take off eventually, and has some useful small business links in the web directory elsewhere on this blog site.