Sweet Treats on Amazon UK

Lately I have been searching around on Amazon UK to find sweet treats that are different from the mainstream, but still come from sources not considered “sketchy”.

Here is what I have found to date:

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Increase of Older Cars on UK Roads

The Daily Telegraph is reporting an increasing number of older cars in use on UK roads (don’t blame them, there’s hardly any new cars around I’d spend actual money on if I had the money).

About 5.3 million cars are 15 years old or older, according to figures from car marketplace Auto Trader, up from just 1.7m in 2001. The number is on track to rise to 9.3m by 2032.

Two Important Tweets for UK Small Businesses (27th April 2020)

Yesterday I spotted a couple of tweets that UK based small business people may want to have a look at if they didn’t see it at the time……..

The webmaster of AlltheInterweb likes small business, grew up above one, likes trying to create new ones that I hope will take off eventually, and has some useful small business links in the web directory elsewhere on this blog site.