Peterborough MP Introduces New Law to Tackle Fly-tippers’ Online Adverts

It is being reported in the Peterborough Telegraph this morning that the city’s Conservative MP is pushing for a new law to tackly fly-tipping.

It doesn’t go into much further details other than making sure the advertising for service ensure they obtain and display a valid waste transfer licence. Continue reading “Peterborough MP Introduces New Law to Tackle Fly-tippers’ Online Adverts”

Have Scientists Found the Cause of Long Covid?

Earlier while searching for news stories to share on AlltheInterweb through the blogs, twitter and facebook, I spotted an article about the condition known as “Long Covid”.

Basically it said scientists had found the possible cause of “Long Covid”, and found a possible link to low levels of Iron as the reason.

Based on that, I guess you could try Floradix and similar Iron Supplements as a Treatment for Long Covid. Continue reading “Have Scientists Found the Cause of Long Covid?”

Karma Bites Florida Shoplifter in the Butt

Fox News reports that a Florida shoplifter really had karma come to bite her in the butt during the final week of May.

A 24-yr old Orlando woman named Alicia Moore was parked outside a Dillard’s store at the Oviedo Mall while she popped in to do a spot of stealing.

While she was inside the store, her car containing her 2 children burst into flames. Continue reading “Karma Bites Florida Shoplifter in the Butt”

Oldham Council Destroy Old Church

Just before I went to bed early this morning, I saw this ridiculous story about Oldham Council have destroyed a 175 year old church in their town “because they were worried about it attracting vandalism”.

Continue reading “Oldham Council Destroy Old Church”

HP Disables Printers That Aren’t Using Genuine Ink Cartridges

This morning the Daily Mail is reporting that Hewlett Packard (HP) has released a firmware update for it’s printers that disables them if they aren’t using Genuine HP Ink.

As you can imagine, this has got their customers pretty annoyed as it means they can’t use cheaper options than a Genuine cartridge from HP costing £15 to £30 or more.

It was apparently done via a remote update, and means users can’t print documents if the cartridge doesn’t have an HP chip for the printer to recognise.

Budweiser’s Attempts to Go Woke Still Biting Them in the Butt

The past several days you may have noticed that Anheuser-Busch have been experiencing some backlash for teaming up with a fake woman as part of their latest promotional campaign for Bud Light.

The problem for the company seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, having first being ditched by top music stars including Kid Rock & Travis Tritt (among others).

It is now showing signs of spreading to the general population, with distributors now s***ting kittens at the level of annoyance from consumers fed up with companies jumping on the latest “woke” bandwagon. Continue reading “Budweiser’s Attempts to Go Woke Still Biting Them in the Butt”

Gang of Leftist Idiots Trash Oregon Coffee Shop

There is a report today on Fox News about a coffee shop in Portland (Oregon) getting trashed by what appears to be a group of leftist Democrat supporting Domestic Terrorist Hooligans.

This is despite the coffee shop being a minority-owned business, so the sort of thing woke leftist morons bend over backwards to cream themselves over to prove their equity supporting credentials.

They apparently did it because the business held an event to support cops.

Kim Kardashian Getting Nailed

Just seen Kim Kardashian getting nailed on Twitter, with an awkward question from Jack Posobiec of a news website called Human Events.

Can anyone think why she would do that?  Continue reading “Kim Kardashian Getting Nailed”

Queen Elizabeth II Dies

It was announced today that Queen Elizabeth II died today at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland.

The news spread quickly around the world, with world leaders and ordinary people fast to express their sympathy and praise. Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth II Dies”

Georgia Police Deputy Busted in Florida

News has been coming in of a Deputy Police Chief from the state of Georgia (GA) getting busted while on a work related trip to Florida, according to Fox News and the local Fox Affiliate.

He was caught for soliciting prostitution, and made the fatal mistake of doing it in Polk County, home of Florida crime fighting legend Sheriff Grady Judd.

Cartersville Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima was arrested Thursday in Polk County, Florida, for soliciting a prostitute. He was booked into the Polk County Jail but released after paying a $500 bond.

DiPrima was in Orlando attending a polygraph training workshop when he responded to an online escort advertisement. But the advertisement was part of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department’s week-long undercover operation designed to identify people involved in human trafficking and arrest those who procure and engage in prostitution.

Naturally there was one of Sheriff Judd’s famous press conferences addressing the issue, where he questioned if the veteran cop had lost his last 3 brain cells or just had cabbage for brains. Continue reading “Georgia Police Deputy Busted in Florida”