Budweiser’s Attempts to Go Woke Still Biting Them in the Butt

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The past several days you may have noticed that Anheuser-Busch have been experiencing some backlash for teaming up with a fake woman as part of their latest promotional campaign for Bud Light.

The problem for the company seems to be showing no signs of slowing down, having first being ditched by top music stars including Kid Rock & Travis Tritt (among others).

It is now showing signs of spreading to the general population, with distributors now s***ting kittens at the level of annoyance from consumers fed up with companies jumping on the latest “woke” bandwagon.

As you may have already seen, the Budweiser backlash started with Kid Rock bringing the matter to people’s attention via a spot of target practice.

From there it spread like wildfire among the top social commentators, and been suggested that it could be one of the worst screw-ups ever made by a company’s advertising team, with some suggesting the advertising team has been fired or getting dangerously close to having to comtemplate alternative forms of employment.

It would appear despite the backlash the brand’s VP of Marketing is keeping on digging……

…and the backlash keeps coming…..

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