Halloween Items on Amazon for 2023

With Halloween 2023 fast approaching, I had a quick poke around on Amazon for Halloween items to post on the main AlltheInterweb Twitter account to try get it to people’s attention. Continue reading “Halloween Items on Amazon for 2023”

AlltheInterweb Christmas on Twitter

Nearly a couple of weeks ago now I decided it was about time to start making the AlltheInterweb Christmas account active again on twitter, ready to try build some momentum for the Christmas Season of 2023.

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Nearly Time for Christmas Once Again

Well, just slightly over a month until it is time for the Christmas season once again.

Are you going to be able to afford it this year?

How soon is too soon to put up the Christmas Tree, Tinsel, Baubles and Christmas lights? Continue reading “Nearly Time for Christmas Once Again”

Proper Roast Potatoes

Potatoes, cut into roast potato sized halves or quarters depending on how big they are
Cooking Fat Continue reading “Proper Roast Potatoes”

Cranberry Sauce

2 cups Cranberres
1 handful sugar
1 handful of water Continue reading “Cranberry Sauce”

Bread Sauce

This is easier than you think to make it yourself instead of from a packet…….

Half Onion (whole, unchopped, diced or anything else)
Continue reading “Bread Sauce”

Sausagemeat Christmas Stuffing

This is how to make Sausagemeat stuffing to go with your Christmas Dinner:

1lb Sausage meat
chopped, dried sage (or fresh)
salt & black pepper (fresh ground, if Poss.)
chopped onion
olive oil
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Chestnut Stuffing – Proper Method

Ingredients Required
Breadcrumbs (from about half a loaf, or a couple of decent sized breadbuns)
1 tin/pouch of Chestnut puree (or 1lb of fresh ones, taken out the shell)
half an Onion, chopped / diced and fried
2 eggs
Sage (fresh or dried) – optional
splash of Olive Oil
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Christmas Turkey Cooking Times

Guideline for Turkey is 15mins per every 1lb the Bird weighs, according to our Cookery Book.

Though as the stupid twonks in Brussels in charge of the EU insists on everything being labelled in Metric, we now have to also calculate how many pounds the Turkey (labelled in KG’s) weighs, so the darn thing cooks properly.

1kg = 2.2lb’s, so…………. a 5kg Turkey = 11lb’s
a 5.5kg Turkey = 12.1lb

So, you have to roast a 12lb / 5.5kg Turkey at “Moderate-Hot” for 180mins + another 15 = 3hours 15minutes

An 11lb Turkey = 165mins + 15mins = 3hours exactly.

Turkey’s over 12lb’s require a slightly different formula.

Also, add another 15 – 20mins if covering the bird with Tin foil or using a covered Roasting Tin for it.

Originally posted on the AlltheInterweb Christmas blog on 1st December 2018, and reposted here November 2020 pending the possibility of eventually shifting stuff over there to this main AlltheInterweb Blog.

If you’ve got any more questions, drop by the Food Recipes section of the Forums.