Proper Roast Potatoes

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Potatoes, cut into roast potato sized halves or quarters depending on how big they are
Cooking Fat

How to Make
1) Bring pan of water to boil (bubbling water), and add the salt.
You can use either a conventional large saucepan, or use a stacking multi-steamer pan, or even a fancy electric stacking steam cooker gadget.
If using the normal old fashioned saucepan, dump them straight in the water (trying not to splash).
If using the steamer option put them in an available steaming compartment at the bottom of the stack.

2) Let them cook, and let the oven warm up for the next phase if it isn’t doing so already for the meat part of your roast dinner (which should’ve been long ago at this point).

They generally take about 30-45minutes. You can sort of get away with doing them for an hour, but they tend to fall apart into lumpy mashed potato if you get too rough with them.

3) Drain them off into a collander and after giving them a gentle shake to get shot of the surplus water, transfer them into a roasting pan full of fat, give them a good coating of it, preferably from the meat.

4) Stick them in the oven to roast for about 25-40minutes, keeping a close eye on them after about 25minutes. They should turn a sort of golden to brown colour, and if they turn black you’ve gone too far.

Temperature at whatever you’ve got it set to for the meat.

5) Remove them from the oven and serve with the aid of a large slotted spoon. You may want to consider a good pair of oven gloves for this task and a suitable item like a wooden chopping board to protect the kitchen worktop from the hot roasting tray.

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