Bread Sauce

Tell Your Friends.....

This is easier than you think to make it yourself instead of from a packet…….

Half Onion (whole, unchopped, diced or anything else)

How to Make
For this, we generally used to use a pan which has like a pan on the bottom you fill with water, then stick another on the top (I forget the name of it).  Apparently the pan in question is a porringer pan, they’re still available, and not that expensive.

1) half fill the top pan with breadcrumbs
2) stick the cloves in the onion
3) place the half onion with the cloves in………. in the middle of the breadcrumbs
4) fill the bottom pan with water, and get it boiling
5) check on it occasionally, to make sure it doesn’t boil dry. the sauce should be ready when the breadcrumbs have turned kinda mushy

Originally posted on the AlltheInterweb Christmas blog on 4th December 2018, and reposted here December 2020 pending the possibility of eventually shifting stuff over there to this main AlltheInterweb Blog

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