Chestnut Stuffing – Proper Method

Ingredients Required
Breadcrumbs (from about half a loaf, or a couple of decent sized breadbuns)
1 tin/pouch of Chestnut puree (or 1lb of fresh ones, taken out the shell)
half an Onion, chopped / diced and fried
2 eggs
Sage (fresh or dried) – optional
splash of Olive Oil

How to Make Them into Chestnut Stuffing
1) Wash Hands
2) put Chestnuts / Chestnut puree into a bowl
3) Put the Breadcrumbs into the bowl as well (easiest way to make the crumbs is chop the bits of bread up in a food processor)
4) Squish the Puree & Breadcrumbs together with your fingers / hands
5) Add the Onions, squish into the mixture (note: the onions may be a little bit warm).
6) add the sage + olive oil (if you want), and squish that in.
7) put the mixture into a greased roasting tin, ready to cook.

I’d give it about 25 – 40mins at 450ºF (just keep an eye on it)

Originally posted on the AlltheInterweb Christmas blog on 2nd December 2018, and reposted here December 2020 pending the possibility of eventually shifting stuff over there to this main AlltheInterweb Blog

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