How to Stop Toothache

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When you’re suffering from toothache, it is generally advised that you get yourself round to the dentists as soon as possible.

However, sods law dictates that you can usually guarantee that a tooth pain will probably strike you down when that isn’t an option, such as you’re miles from anywhere in the great outdoors on a trip at home or abroad, or when your regular dentist is booked solid with appointments with other patients, and other issues along these lines.

This blog article is intended to provide solutions to keep your ass covered in these types of common situations.

The primary accepted cause of toothache is a hole in the tooth, resulting in a gum infection. Sometimes it can be caused by having something jammed between your teeth causing pressure, but usually it’s the hole.

This can often lead to a tooth abscess, which is even worse, and can result in facial swelling so bad you can barely move your lips…. trust me, if it gets this bad you’ll start wishing a slow and painful death on the people trying to ban plastic straws based on bad evidence, as these things are the only way you’ll be able to drink or take in nourishment until it goes down.
Under no circumstances do you want this tooth abscess to burst, otherwise you are usually so f***ed you’re better off calling a good undertaker rather than a dentist.

One option that many outdoors activity books recommend is using Clove Oil, and rubbing it on the affected area (Read More).

Another often recommended solution is salty warm water: Dump a generous amount of salt (basically the same stuff you use in the kitchen or at the dinner table) into a cup, boil some water, and add that to the cup, let it cool off just enough, then use it as a mouthwash to slosh between your teeth.
I’ve found this option doesn’t work immediately, takes a few attempts, and it’s best to make sure you’re standing next to a sink or other suitable receptacle while trying this method as there’s a good chance it’ll set off the old puke trigger.

One of my preferred methods, though not recommended for drivers or people below drinking age, is booze.
Perhaps not beer or wine, but drinks with a bit more kick and some burn to them such as Whiskey, Rum, Vodka or Brandy are very effective at numbing tooth pain. Just take a sip and slosh it around between your teeth and gums until you feel your tongue burning, then swallow. Don’t over indulge.

My ultimate solution requires the following items:
1) The cup of salty water mentioned in an earlier solution
2) A Bottle of quality mouthwash, such as Listerine, etc
3) A Toothbrush
4) Toothpaste, but not any old toothpaste… but a “repair & protect” type product such as Sensodyne, “Colgate” or “Arm & Hammer“.

The first step is to dip your toothbrush in the salty water, then use it on the affected area, repeat the process with the mouthwash, then brush with the toothpaste as normal before rinsing with mouthwash or the salty stuff, then normal plain water.
Repeat process 2 or 3 times a day.

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