Is Alexa Ranking Important?

Alexa Ranking of on 5th May 2019
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It often seems to get asked if Alexa ranking is important.

By Alexa Ranking, I’m not referring to the Amazon Alexa inside the Echo tech gadget thing but the web traffic anlysis company that’s a subsidiary of Amazon that provides a global ranking of website popularity.
For Instance at time of writing this thing: = #1 = #2 = #3 = #20 = #41 = #4598 = #13,586,653 (but have been higher in the past, almost to top 500k) = #4946
Steemit = #19637

The general view I’ve picked up from popular websites for SEO nerds such as WarriorForums + BlackHatWorld is that it doesn’t matter at all, and what does matter is the actual figures you have for traffic in Google Analytics (or whatever equivalent you use).

In my view, Alexa Ranking doesn’t matter as much as hard figures from your Google Analytics (or equivalent tool), but it still matters in terms of helping make your website look more important to people who don’t know this fact about Alexa Ranking not being important, potentially helping it gain a little more traction that way.

To help improve your rankings on Alexa, Google and Bing you might like to try an SEO software such as:

(which one you choose depends how fat your wallet is, and how many moths you’re prepared to release from it in order to be king of the castle in your chosen niche)

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