How to Make Money on YouTube

Tell Your Friends.....

I keep seeing this question asked repeatedly on Yahoo Answers and assorted support pages / groups for Youtubers over on Facebook.

I decided to cobble together this blog post to try save having to repeat typing the same thing over and over again. Not least because of Yahoo Answer’s latest stupid trick of seeming to shadow ban your answers if you go back to edit it for assorted reasons, such as it made a mess of a link to a helpful video explaining something in more detail by tagging the start of the next sentence onto the end of the url to the video.

From the advertising on YouTube
These days they’ve made it harder to catch a break, and you need to get 1000 subscribers + 4000-hours a year of watch time (and maintain it at that level to stay monetised).

Even then you apparently have to wait for YouTube to review your channel to see if your content is safe enough to keep the advertisers happy.

Other methods include:
Reviewing products from Amazon + other companies that do affiliate programs, and sending your viewers to your personal affiliate link that’ll register a sale from you.

When the channel has become established enough to gain a large loyal following of people regularly returning to the channel: Merchandise – selling things like T-Shirts and other items with the logo of your channel on it.

For instance, famous YouTube prankster Roman Atwood has his Smile More merchandise.

Matt from DemolitionRanch / OfftheRanch / VetRanch sells a range of merchandise for his channels + for an increasing number of other social media influencer type people through his growing Bunker Branding business, which has gone from this to this, then this in almost no time at all.

Rob from LunkersTV and Justin (aka LakeForkGuy) make and sell a range of merchandise through their Googan Squad / Googan Baits business activities.

Steven Crowder does his Mug Club subscription service to watch his show online.

Canadian tech YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips regularly drops hints to buy their range of merchandise throughout their video content.

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