Woke Advertisers Boycott Facebook

Tell Your Friends.....

I have been seeing reports lately that a number of advertisers have announced that they are boycotting placing adverts on well known popular social media website Facebook.

They claim this is because of concerns the social network has failed to crack down on “hate speech” and “incitements to violence”.

By this they of course mean engaging in big tech censorship just when ordinary folks are getting frustrated and p*ssed off with the social networking websites pulling those stunts because they more often than not target moderate conservatives as “far right extremists” merely for telling the truth, expressing their frustrations and having a sense of humour akin to South Park or Family Guy.

Actions like this are causing an exodus of social media users from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as they head to more free-speech friendly upstarts such as Parler, Gab and Bitchute (which these woke morons falsely paint as “far right websites” in their Wikipedia entries and similar).

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